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SL-220 Software

Prepare your 3D models for 3D printing with Lychee: define the best orientation, create supports automatically, or manually, preview before sending them to your 3D printer

Powerful software to match your needs

Easy to use Interface
Slicer has easy to use interface and is available in many languages, you will get to work with it in just a few minutes.

Full stumatic mode with magic menu
Thanks to the Magic Menu, you can automate the preparation of your model. Save time by automating the orientation, Supports addition, optimizing, and adding a raft to ensure printability.

Powerfull automatic supports
3D print Supports, these tiny pillars, are a crucial element for successful prints. But mastering these supports can be science by itself. Lychee provides very powerful and smart automatic support algorithms. 

Slicer for all Industries





Realtime operations


You can hollow your model directly in Lychee without using any other 3D software. Everything is real-time in the slicer view.

Drain Holes

Add drainage holes quickly and dynamically. You do not need to use an external 3D software.

Realtime Preview

Preview your slices in real-time in the 3D view of the slicer, allowing you to check for potential 3D model imperfections.


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Video Tutorials

Learn how to use 3D software from beginners to advance level.  Check out the videos! Videos aregrouped by topic for easy navigation


Premade profiles for RF330 are downloadable for free. You can find profiles for PLA , ABS, Petg , ASA , NylonX, NylonG and Carbon fiber.

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