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PSM-550 3D Printer

Large Format 3D Printer for Prototypes and End Use Plastic Parts

Polymer Synthesis Modeling – PSM is a unique 3D printing process which combines the powerful Light Projection System with high resolution of 4K Light Engine through an innovative mechanism of reflectors to produce plastic parts with unparalleled accuracy, surface finish and diversity of materials.

PSM550 3d printer

Fast & Accurate

Prototyping to Production PSM-550 makes it all. “In a fraction of time”. PSM550 has the biggest build volume among resin 3D printers.

open resin system

use the resins of your choice

size matters

the bigger – the better

It’s made for the industry! Our 3D printers are made from metal which ensures a sturdy, robust frame.

Robust Frame

Edit Template

eco friendly 3d printing

PSM-550 has an active carbon filtration system that is tuned to reduce the odors and fumes associated with 3D printing while retaining enough temperature for a good print.

built-in curing chamber

Post-Processing is Built-in! PSM550 has an Integrated Curing Chamber for seamless post-processing. We made it easier for you!

PSM550 curing station

resin auto filling

PSM-550 has a resin auto-filling system which will ensure your resin doesn’t run-out.

Resin auto filling v2

Technical Specifications

Build Volume (X*Y*Z) 518*293*548 (mm)
Machine Size (X*Y*Z)
802 x 595 x 1392 (mm)
25 micron
Max Speed
30 mm/h
Gross Weight
112 kg
Supported Files

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