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RF-PLA is a high-accuracy, precise and reliable 3D printing filament. RF-PLA is easy to print, hard and tough material that is mostly used for low-cost rapid prototyping, making props, containers and accurate architectural models.


RF-GLOW is a special filament that glow when charged with light. The affect is achieved by adding special additives to the filament that can absorb UV light and re-emit it as a visible glowing effect. It used for printing decoration pieces, models and gifts.



RF- Marble is infused with pigments that produces a marble effect in the 3D printed parts while maintaining low warping and accuracy of PLA. It is used for producing beautiful busts, sculptures or building models.


RF-PLA+ is a PLA that is enhanced with additives to upgrade the properties of the traditional PLA. It has better layer adhesion and better finish while ensuring consistency, reliability and accuracy



RF-SILK is a sparkling polymer that provides a great visual effect and highly detailed printing. It is a very easy to use filament with a wide range of colours. It’s ideal for printing vases and models that require aesthetic details


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