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Lychee tutorials


Looking for more details on Lychee features and functionality? Check out the videos below, grouped by topic for easy navigation.

Beginner tutorials

Login and first print

Login in lychee enter the license code that came with the software and you are good to go

Model Import and basic layout

In this video we will teach you how to import model in lychee software. And we will walk you through the basic interface layout.

Lychee Camera

In this video, We’ll show you in detail how to use the camera in your scene. We discuss navigating with the camera for mouse users, trackpad users, and 3D mouse users.


Hollowing, Lattice Infill, and Drain Holes

In this video, we’ll explain how to make your model hollow, add a lattice support structure inside it, and how to add holes to your model to allow resin to flow out of the interior.

Magic Menu

Lychee’s powerful magic menu auto rotates the model and generates supports . Making it one of the most user friendly slicing software to work with.

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